Sunday, 6 January 2013

Welcome Self

So it's 9:32pm, Sunday 6th January, 2013.

AND I have decided that after many years of "I'm too fat, nothing fits me, I have back boobs & I detest paying $70+ for a 'nice' bra" I'm going to once again try another tack on weight loss and well being.

Seeings I can't seem to get my employment right, my male partner pickings right or my lotto numbers right either I'm going to try to get myself into better physical and mental shape in 2013.

So far I've tried -
Jenny Craig
Weight Watchers
Lite n' Easy
Lemon Detox Diet
Protein Diets
3 day Detox

and I'm sure they all work- if you stick at them. In fact I know that in the short time that I did stick to these I did see results. My problem is I am super lazy when it comes to doing things to benefit myself- It's too hot, it's too cold, I'm too cranky, It's too late, It's too early, I have to wash my hair, shave my legs, do the groceries- the list goes on.

I have all the excuses under the sun why I can't do things- and I am aware of this. Like most people, I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of repeat failure- again. 2013 is going to be a year that I can look back on and say "Wow- look what I have achieved".

Despite my lack of self control when it comes to food and exercise, this little voice inside my head convinced me to sign up to Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Round 1, 2013. After talking about it for about a week I have bitten the bullet so to speak (not too many calories!) and I have ACTUALLY signed up, payed my moola and joined the 'team'. (My rego may need to be paid 6monthly now!)

The pre-season starts on the 14th of January and the 12week challenge starts on the 11th of February (the day before my birthday) and I am going to try my damn hardest to stick at this one. 12 weeks is a HUGE commitment for me, and many who know me have probably already laughed and brushed it off as 'another one of Parkesy's phases' and that's OK... that is the precedent that I have set for others to believe of myself, so it is to be expected. This isn't about proving anyone wrong, I just hope to see results and start feeling better about myself for it. Hopefully feeling good about myself in at least one aspect of my life will influence the other parts too.
This blog is going to be my way of getting my thoughts into words. It's not always going to be beer and skittles (too many calories!), but with a bit of luck, when I look back I will be able to see some small changes in my ways and my thinking along the way.

I want to say a big THANK YOU in advance to all of the beautiful people that have in the past & continue to put up with my bullshit, walk the lonely paths and laugh with me through the good times. Sometimes it is you guys that keep me going when nothing else does. I appreciate you so very much and Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and I hope to experience many more highs in 2013.
-Erin x

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